What is GERnano®?

The easiest and most effective way to reduce your environmental footprint, fulfill your CO2 reduction goals with a self financing and easy to implant application to your machineries from engine , gearbox, hydraulic to bearings and even reduce chemical corrosion in E-mobility.

GERnano® is a physically effective technology for lubricating fluids with as little as 0,01 – 0.02g nano particles p. liter of your oil. It improves hydrodynamic lubrication. The hydrodynamic lubricating film is formed earlier and becomes significantly more resilient – the mixed friction that promotes wear and friction is largely avoided. GERnano® oil structures also exhibit lower fluid friction – the friction in the lubrication gap is lower. GERnano® is already effective at very low application concentrations.

GERnano® does not change the chemical properties of the lubricants and the basic data certified by the manufacturer. The percentage of solid GERnano® particles when applied in oils is 0.001% to 0.002% and smaller than 75nm / 0.000075mm on the longest side – no worries to harm your application.

What GERnano® does

GERnano® is the world’s first lubricant additive that influences the structure of the engine oil on a physical principle. According to the FSD report, i.e. in Engines an intensive and absolute independent field test showed a „significant (NOx reduction up to approx. 30% and a CO2 saving up to approx. 10%)“. With GERnano®, „NOx and CO2″ emissions can be reduced effectively, quickly, financially manageable and sustainably.“

  • decreasing system friction – thus improved efficiency
  • increased load carrying capacity of the lubricant film
  • less wear due to more stable, hydrodynamic lubrication and thus optimum separation of the sliding surfaces
  • less abrasive wear
  • reduced material fatigue („pitting“)
  • reduced tribo-oxidation due to chemical EP additives
  • reduced vibrations in the system – noise reduction
  • reduced stress on the lubricant due to lower operating temperature and reduced additive consumption

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