The properties of GERnano ensure long-term wear protection for engines. On the surface of the rotating engine components, the addition of GERnano generate a firmly adhesive and elastic anti-friction coating with longlasting bearing effect and a low friction coefficient. This coating forms an organometallic compound with the friction-stressed metal surfaces in the engine, thereby reducing wear and friction and significantly prolonging the life of the engine. GERnano has no influence on the formulations or recipes of lubricants and forms no rigid film layers. GERnano has an effect even after following oil changes.

The user gets the following benefits: 

  • Wear protection even after an oil change
  • Optimisation of bottom-end engine power
  • Significant saving in fuel consumption
  • Systematic cleaning of the oil and lubricant circuit
  • Regeneration of defective spots of the friction surfaces
  • Increase of compression on all cylinders and types
  • Reduction of oil consumption and improvement in the viscosity of the oil
  • Emission reduction
  • Reduction in engine noise and vibration

… and therefore increase of the life of the engine, and this without any major time, money and material expenditure.

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