The application of GERnano® in gearbox oils triggers a spontaneous process of self-organization which leads to the build-up of macro-molecular structures. This state is dynamically balanced and stable. The process of self-organization repeats itself endlessly. The new created structure gives the oil additional properties like a non-linear change of the viscosity and an increased heat capacity. These new properties lead to a local adaption of viscosity and temperature at different thermodynamic loads in every frictional zone in the transmission.

The changed local viscosity and heat capacity adapt themselves to the load- and speed fluctuations, and to the energy losses. In that way each single frictional surface gets “its own” lubrication which is close to the calculated optimum.

This process leads to an improvement of the effectiveness of the transmission, reduces internal losses, expands the service-intervals and lengthens the life of the gearbox.

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