Plastically deformable greases exist often where different components: Basic oil (65-95%) and thickening agents (5 – 35%). An increase of the lubricious characteristics can only be reached if we improve both the components at the same time. When we create a mixture of these components together with GERnano®, the elastic tension increases, and this new mixture holds improved characteristics.

The insertion of nano-particles in the thickening agent, leads to an additional, unchangeable binding component in the structure of the grease. At the same time an orderly structure of macro-molecules is formed (build from nano-particles and the oil molecules) and gives the oil additional features and ensure a better integration in the thickening agent.

The admixture of GERnano® in greases starts a process of regeneration of its own structure, whereby the lubrication characteristics are guaranteed in a much broader pressure and temperature range and thus increases its lifecycle.

The consistent structure created by GERnano® gives the “new” grease long lasting characteristics: 

  • Expansion of the temperature range which increases the efficiency at lower as well as at higher temperatures. 
  • Substantially increased life-span.
  • Improved adhesion and decrease of the friction inside the grease.
  • A reduction of the resinification tendency. 
  • Reduction of the internal energy losses, wear and tear and vibration inside the plain bearings. 

By the application of GERnano® the frictional surfaces are modified, the surface-tension as well as the electro-chemical corrosion are reduced. Hydrogen embrittlement of the bearing parts will be reduced.

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