The way to go in improving the life-span of hydraulic oils is the change of the oil structure. This can be achieved by the build-up of three-dimensional macro-structures and the adding of supra-molecular floating crystals. Their presence in oils starts a self-organizing process in the oil and gives the oil new characteristics.

  • The application of GERnano® ensures that the local viscosity of the oil in the friction zones increases, which leads to a substantial reduction of the oil-losses in pumps and valves. The line pressure increases to a nominal extend, the hydrodynamic friction zone is expanded and so the frictional losses reduced. 
  • GERnano® leads to an a-typical increase of the heat capacity of the oil. The working temperature falls up to 20°C. In the thermodynamic zones, a sturdy and damage free condition is given. 
  • GERnano® modifies the frictional surfaces and its surficial tension reduces. The wear lessens and GERnano® protects the frictional surfaces for electro-mechanical corrosion. The oil consumption reduces. The life-span of the lubricants can be increased up to three times. 

The application of GERnano® in fluid carbon refineries doesn’t alter the chemical and physical characteristics of the oil. The manufacturers certified specifications of the oil remain unchanged after the application of GERnano®.

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