The easiest and most effective way to reduce your environmental footprint, fulfill your CO2 reduction goals with a self financing and easy to implant application to your machineries from engine , gearbox, hydraulic to bearings and even reduce chemical corrosion in E-mobility.

  • Less fuel
  • Less emission
  • Longer oil and machine life
  • Non mechanical and sustainable revitalisation of your machinery

GERnano® is a physically effective technology for lubricating fluids with as little as 0.02g nano particles p. liter of your oil without changing chemical / warranty relevant properties and a maximum side length of  0.000075 Millimeter.


GERnano helps the engine to work in the designed way with some extra benefits which couldn´t be part of the design as widely unknown to the engineers. Many of todays issues in engines such as coking and extremely high oil consumption could be avoided or revitalised by us without extensive mechanical work

  • Clean up or keep clean all parts of the engine, even valves and injectors
  • Protect all parts
  • Overcome small existing wear and bring back power
  • Hardly any oil thru crankcase ventilation (no smell and dirt)
  • Reduce consumption of oil and fuel(min 5%)
  • Reduce emission (NOx up to 30%)
  • Reduce noise and vibration
  • Lifetime revitalisation and prolongation on long term bases
  • independent tested and proofed by FSD – Fahrzeugsystemdaten GmbH in cooperation with the University due to GERnano‘s different and scientific background  


  • Perfect lubrication of all different parts with different demand
  • Adapted viscosity to each tribo pair even in one system
  • Full protection and sealing of integrated bearings
  • Always clean and reliable spray systems 
  • No grey pitting 
  • Enormous noise and vibration reduction


With only 0,01g p liter oil it will:

  • Clean and keep clean your system
  • Seal small leaks due to the different molecules and structure
  • Protect your valve and control system 
  • Full performance in force and pumping for prolonged time


Many demanding and lasting lubrications are made with grease or pastes, especially the wear and full performance of your medium can be assured and increased by GERnano and even make up for first wear and bring back constant performance in your application.